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Ben Dietz

Ben Dietz started shooting when he was 13 years old. His dad and grandpa got him into the sport, and he quickly fell in love with the sport. At the age of 16, he started traveling around the nation trying to earn the privilege of being on the All-American team. He made the All-American first team at age 17 and has been making the All-American first team ever since. Some of his accomplishments include 200×200 in singles twice, 100×100 in doubles twice, and 100×100 in handicaps. He has also attained the ATA grand slam recognition and was the 2018 Minnesota State Shoot High All-Around champion.

Shooting Accomplishments:

  • 2016 ATA ALL AMERICAN Junior 1st Team
  • 2015 Minnesota All-State Junior Captain 1st team (HOA: 93.28%)
  • 2014 Minnesota All-State Junior 1st team (HOA: 92.84%)
  • 2013 Minnesota All-State Junior 1st team (HOA: 90.83%)
  • 2012 Minnesota All-State Sub-Junior 1st team (HOA: 91.85%) Grand American Results: 2012 placed in 1 event; 2013 placed in 4 events; 2015 placed in 6 events (prel. and grand weeks) HIGH SCHOOL COMPETITION
  • 2015 Runner-up (tied) Minnesota State High School individuals competition
  • 2015 Minnesota High School Class 6A team State Champs – team member
  • 2015 Minnesota High School Skeet Class A-3 – team second place overall – team member
  • 2014 Minnesota High School Class 5A team State Champs – team member
  • 2013 Minnesota High School Sporting Clays team Championship – 3rd place – team member
  • 2012 Minnesota High School State tournament – 2nd place – team member
  • 2012 Minnesota High School Sporting Clays team Invitational – 1st place – team member2015 TOURNAMENT RESULTS
  • 2015 Minnesota State shoot: juniors first in singles and doubles on 7/8/2015; second in singles and doubles on 7/9; first in doubles championship; tied first in the singles championship; first in HAA and first in HOA
  • 2015 Southern Mini Grand: Juniors second place singles and handicap on 3/16/2015; score points in singles, tie in the handicap on 3/18/2015; third in doubles championship; third in handicap championship; second place tie in HAA and second in HOA
  • 2015 Empire Mini Grand: Juniors first in singles and second in handicap and doubles on 5/27/2015; first in doubles on 5/29; first in the singles championship; first in doubles championship; first in HOA
  • 2015 Utah State shoot: juniors NR first in singles and handicap 6/27; first in the singles championship; second in doubles championship; first in handicap championship; first in HOA; first in HAA
  • 2015 Wisconsin State shoot: juniors NR second in handicap and singles on 7/15; second in the handicap on 7/16; first in the handicap on 7/17; second in doubles Championship; third in singles Championship; third in HOA; and third in HAA
  • 2014 Heartland Grand: Juniors first place Singles, doubles, and handicap on 8/27/2014; second place singles, tie in handicap and first place in doubles on 8/28/2014; second place doubles and handicap on 8/29/ 2014; first place Championship doubles; and second place HOA

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