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Carl Chadwell

This coming year (2023) will mark my 50th of shooting ATA Registered targets, having started when I was 10 years old.  Have been traveling to shoots with my Dad (Norris), since I was three years old.  Now enjoy attending shoots with my wife Nora (when possible), and my Dad (when possible).  However, in the past, I have attended some shoots solo, and now even when alone, I will be attending with fellow Kolar Teammates, which I believe will make those much more enjoyable.  I feel very fortunate to be a member of Team Kolar.

I’m happy to be coming up on 60 years old and still be blessed with the ability to have a chance to compete with all these talented shooters across the Nation, and World.  Trapshooting has been a major part of my entire life.  I’m looking forward to all the events that the Good Lord has planned for me, and the chance of getting to know more folks wherever I go.  Good shooting to you all.


  • Kolar Max TA High Unsingle Combo

  • 34″ Unsingle

  • 32″ Over Under

  • Grip Plus Stock – Sai Chiang, Founder

  • L & M Lenses

A little background on my Trapshooting accomplishments:

  • Won the World Doubles Championship in 1998  
  • Runner-Up in the World All-Around Championship three times 2006, 2007, and 2012
  • Placed in the Grand American Handicap Championship three times (all from 27), with my highest placement being third in 2012
  • Tied for the Clay Target Championship at the Grand American with 200×200 four times
  • Placed 4th in the Grand American World High-Overall Championship in 2007

I am honored to be the only person that has been inducted into both the Michigan Trapshooting Hall of Fame (1992 at 29 years of age, still youngest ever) and the Ohio Trapshooting Hall of Fame (2007).

  • ATA All-American Team 15 times (have made Teams each of the last six Decades: 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s & 20s)
  • All-State Team 34 times (including Captain 10 times)
  • Honor Squad Trap Team Captain  
  • All-Around Average Award Winner
  • As of this correspondence have 462,500 combined ATA Registered Targets
  • Won 37 awards at World Championships
  • Won countless awards at State, Zone, and Satellite Grand Tournaments
  • Grand Slam on 9/3/1995 with 100×100 from 27 yards, to become 173rd in ATA and 13th Ohio Resident
  • AA-27-AA  (30+ years)
  • AAA-27-AAA (10+ years)
  • Made 27 yard line on July 11, 1980 and have been there ever since without ever being offered a reduction
  • 400+ honorary punches
  • 25+ 200×200 Singles
  • 20+ 100×100 Doubles
  • 2 100×100 Handicap from 27-Yard Line.

Major Recent Accomplishments with a Kolar shotgun:


Autumn Grand American 2022

  • High Overall Sub-Vet Champion 1067×1100
  • High All-Around Sub Vet Champion 393×400
  • Handicap Championship Sub Vet Champion 98
  • Singles Championship Sub Vet Runner-up 199×200
  • Caesar Guerini Pre-Handicap Championship Sub Vet Champion 97
  • Class Singles Championship Sub Vet Champion 100 and 25 carry-over
  • Casa Grande Doubles Sub Vet Champion 98
  • Old Ajo Highway Doubles Sub Vet Champion 95

Grand American Challenger Handicap Sub Vet Champion with 98×100 and 25×25 in shoot-off

Northeastern Grand American 2022

  • Doubles Championship over the field with 99×100 and 20-19-20-20-20 shoot-off
  • All Around Championship over the field by 3 targets with 389×400 
  • High Over-All Championship over the field by 6 targets with 1148×1200
  • Class Singles Sub-Vet with 100×100
  • Class Doubles Sub-Vet with 99×100
  • Won 4 other awards at this shoot to total 9 for the tournament.

Freedom Shoot at Cardinal Center 2022

  • Handicap Championship Sub Vet Winner
  • All-Around Championship Sub Vet Winner
  • Preliminary Handicap Sub Vet Winner

Dixie Grand American 2022

  • All-Around Championship Sub Vet Winner
  • High Over-All Championship Sub Vet Winner
  • Won 5 other awards at this shoot to total 7 for the tournament

Shot on Pro-Staff for a couple of other Arms Companies for several years

Shot on Pro-Staff for Foggles for several years

Currently on Pro-Staff for L&M Lenses

Currently on Pro-Staff for Grip Plus Stocks

Currently on Team Kolar Elite/Trap

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