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Craig Parsons

Craig discovered skeet in the late 1970s when a co-worker invited him to hunt pheasants. Having little luck hitting the birds, his co-worker suggested he try skeet at the local gun club to improve his aim. One trip to the local club was all it took – he was hooked.

Over the next few months at the gun club, Craig was introduced to several of New York’s top shooters, who gave him advice and helped him to perfect his game.

Craig shot his first registered targets around 1980 and since then has accumulated eight 400x400s, two of which were also 500x500s (w/dbls). Three of those 4X4’s were shot at the Mini World in 2002, 2003 and 2005 (2004 was a 399×400). Craig has also shot three 500x500s(200 12 ga) posted in 1987, 1993 and 2004 at the New York State Championships. In 2004, he also ran the 100 straight in the doubles event for a 600×600, a world record. The following month he won the World Skeet Championship doubles event and repeated that in 2010 as well as the HAA.

Craig has been the High Average Leader nine times, including HOA in 1994, 2003, and 2008; 12 gauge leader in 1994 with a perfect season (1350×1350), and 20 gauge leader in 2008 also with a perfect season (800 800). He has been three times High Average Leader in the .410 including a .9958 in 2003, the highest average ever achieved in the small-bore and had a long run of 738. He was also the doubles High Average Leader in 2002.

Craig has been selected to a dozen All-American Teams including the captain of the Open First Team in 2004. Craig is an NSSA Hall of Fame member.

Major Recent Accomplishments:

High Average Leader:
HOA  ’94    .9955
12GA  ’94    1.000
410   ’94    .9920
DBLS  ’02   .9963
HOA  ’03   .9959
410   ’03    .9958
410   ’04    .9930
HOA  ’08   .9925
20    ’08   1.000

World Championships;
DBLS   ’04
DBLS   ’10
HAA   ’10
12   ’14

8   400X400
3   500X500 (200 12 ga)
2   500X500 (w/ dbls)
1   600X600  (200 12 ga + dbls)

All American:
19 open teams

Hall of Fame:

NYS Open Championships:

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