Team Kolar Elite / Skeet

Fred Tschantz

I got started in skeet while serving in the Army. That’s where I also started shooting registered skeet shortly after, and I was hooked. The biggest secret to my success is due to Paul Giambrone III (L.P.). He has helped me in both skeet shooting and getting into teaching and he made me better in both. I have obtained my NSSA Master Instructor Certificate and I continue to be the NSSA Chief Instructor for Zone III. I’ve been shooting skeet for approximately 26 years and instructing for about 10 years. My largest win is the 410 World Championship in 2013.


  • Standard Grade Kolar with 2 30″ Step Rib barrels and Kolar tubes.
  • Kolar Custom Stock and Extra Long Forearm.
  • I primarily use reloads for my tournaments Winchester/Remington.
  • I’m also sponsored by Ranger Shooting Glasses. I wear the Classic Frame.
  • Shooting Bag/Pouch and Toe Tab: Lonesome Charlie

Major Recent Accomplishments:


  • MidWest 20ga CH, Dbls,20, HOA RU
  • Ohio State 12 and HOA CH, 410 RU
  • Northbrook Dbls RU, Zone III 12, 28, and HOA RU


  • General Pletcher 12 and 20 CH, 28ga RU
  • Armed Forces 20 and 410 CH
  • Ohio State Dbls CH
  • Zone III 28ga CH
  • US Open 410 3rd, Mini 12ga 3rd


  • MidWest 12,28,410, HOA,HAA CH, Dbls and 20 RU
  • Elite Classic 20ga 3rd
  • Ohio State Dbls CH, 28ga RU
  • Northbrook Dbls 3rd
  • Zone III 20,410, HOA CH, Dbls RU
  • Pennsylvania State shoot 20ga 3rd
  • Kasle 28ga RU,
  • Mini World 20ga CH, 28ga RU

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