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Where can I send my Kolar for service if needed?

Kolar gunsmiths can be found onsite at major shoots such as the Grand American, World Skeet, NSCA Nationals, Ohio State Trapshoot, and many others. You can also send your gun directly to the factory in Racine, Wisconsin.

What does TC stand for?

TC stands for “trap combo”-the original Kolar combo prior to the current TA model, with unsingle adjustable rib barrel and fixed rib over/under.

What does TA stand for?

TA stands for “trap adjustable” a current trap model offered in either a low profile adjustable rib, or high profile adjustable rib. Both the unsingle, top single, and over/under can be purchased in this configuration.

What does TS stand for?

TS stands for “trap single” a dedicated trap single gun with a single firing pin, designed for the shooter who doesn’t shoot trap doubles or prefers to shoot a different gun for doubles. Although many think TS stands for “top single”, the TS is a mid-single offered with an adjustable rib.

What does LPT stand for?

LPT stands for “low profile trap” specific to trap, this can be purchased as a 34″ adjustable rib unsingle, 32″ adjustable rib top single, as well as in a 30″ or 32″ fixed or adjustable rib over/under. The fixed rib configurations are offered in either 80% or 100% POI.

Why are the ribs so high on the TA HI unsingle versions?

The rib height allows for a heads up shooting approach to the target, which gets the eyes level. It also allows you to see through the rib and around the barrel, which leads to faster target acquisition.

If I'm going to shoot skeet, trap, and sporting clays, or want to shoot at the collegiate level, what is my best choice for setup?

A LPT trap combo will work perfect for this. You can even add a set of Kolar subgauge tubes to the over/under for skeet/sporting! The LPT over/under is the same barrel and rib that is found on the skeet and sporting adjustable rib Kolar guns, as well as the stock!

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