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Gabriel Tharpe

Gabriel is 17 years old and from Hamilton, Georgia. He attends Harris County High School, where he is an Honors student (4.20 GPA). He is also in JROTC and on the Rifle Team as well. He is from a military family and he started shooting with BB and Pellet guns when he was very young. At the age of 7 years old, he attended a Trail Blazer event at Fort Benning, Georgia with the AMU (Army Marksmanship Unit) that allowed kids to shoot 12 gauge guns and he was hooked from there.  He started shooting 4H and SCTP events when he was 11 years old, as part of the Harris County Shotgun Team in Harris County, Georgia. Gabriel is a colorblind shooter but has not allowed that to hinder his ability to excel in the sport.  Gabriel practices with his team 2 times a week and practices on his own at least once or twice more a week most of the time.  He started receiving his first one on one lessons from Austin Shepherd at the Wagon Wheel Sporting Club (Home of the Harris County Shotgun Team).   He has taken a lesson from Paul Giambrone and he is currently being coached by Luke Deshotels (Atlanta Trap and Skeet) for the last year. He enjoys shooting but believes getting to meet all the amazing shooters and their families is the best part of it all. He has made many friends doing what he loves.

In his downtime, Gabriel enjoys hunting, fishing and anything you can do outside. He loves the Lord and puts Him first in all things.

Shooting Accomplishments:


  • All American Junior First Team
  • Georgia State Team
  • All Zone 4 Team
  • SCTP Georgia State Skeet Champion-1st
  • SCTP Nationals-All State Team -2nd place
  • Blaser Skeet Classic-HOA AA2 and other class and concurrent awards
  • Kolar Mid America HOA-JRCH and other class and concurrent awards
  • Elite Shotgun Classic-HOA JR/CH, AA3, and other class and concurrent awards
  • Arkansas Open (mini) -HOA JR3, AA3, and other class and concurrent awards
  • Best of Texas- HOA JRRU, AAA3, and other class and concurrent awards
  • Zone 4 Championship-HOA AAA4 and other class and concurrent awards


  • All American Junior Team
  • All Zone 4 Team Junior
  • SCTP National Champion -1st place Skeet (squad event) -6th place individual with 198/200
  • SCTP National Champion- 3rd place Doubles Skeet (squad event)
  • SCTP Georgia State Shoot: Varsity-3rd place (squad event)
  • Georgia State Team-Open 2nd Team (Co-Captain) and Junior Team
  • Georgia State Shoot-JR3- HOA/DBLS/12/20/28/.410 – AA2-20 Gauge, AA3 28/.410 – A3-HOA
  • 4th Elite Classic- HOA 3rd with a 398 x 400 – JRRU-HOA – JR3/A4 12 Gauge JR3/AA3 28 Gauge – JRRU/A3 .410
  • South River Open-HOA and Junior Champ- HOA/12/.410 JRRU-20/28 Gauge – 3rd-12 Gauge RU -20 Gauge CH-.410
  • Ocmulgee River Classic -Junior Champ-12/20/28 gauges – A1- 12/20 Gauge – A2-28 Gauge
  • Prickly Pair- HOA RU and JRCH-12 Gauge/DBLS JRRU-20 Gauge


  • All American Sub Junior Team
  • SCTP Georgia State – Junior Varsity-2nd place (Skeet squad)
  • Georgia State Shoot- HOA3-B CLASS – HOA-JR3 – AA2-20 Gauge JRRU 20 Gauge

Other awards for class

  • Krieghoff Masters: HOA C1 and other class and JR awards


  • Georgia State Shoot- HOA C1 HOA SJR-RU – SJRCH/C1- 28 Gauge – SJRU- 12/20 Gauge C2 12/20 Gauge

Other awards for class

  • SCTP Georgia State Skeet Team- Advanced Intermediate-1st place (skeet squad) – Advanced Intermediate-2nd place (Trap squad)
  • SCTP NATIONALS: -Advanced Intermediate-3rd place (Skeet squad)
  • Gabriel has achieved other awards for Sub Junior and Rookie classes from 2013-2015

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