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Hunter Morton

Hunter V. Morton started shooting at 11 years old. He lives in Summertown, TN where he attends Summertown High School and is an Honor Roll student. “I was very blessed when I started shooting to be coached and mentored by All Americans Mitchel Loveless, Don Kearse and Charlie Bickel. They have all given me advice and been major influences in my shooting career. I am grateful for all they have done for me but also shows the character of them, to help young shooters excel and achieve their goals. I am also blessed to have a loving and supportive family and friends that god has put into my life.”

“Failing to prepare is preparing for failure”
-Don Kearse

Shooting Accomplishments:

    • 27 yard line at 14 yrs old
    • 2017 Sub Jr. All American Team
    • 2018 ATA All American 1st¬†Team Sub Jr
    • 2018 TN All State Team
    • 2017 TN All State Team
    • 2016 MS State Overall Handicap Champion
    • 2015 AIM Nationals
    • HAA Sub Jr. Class B Champion
    • Handicap 8th Overall
    • 70+ State Trophies
    • 60+ Satellite Grand Trophie
    • 200×200 in singles
    • 2019 All American Junior team
    • 2018 TN State Doubles Champion
    • AA27AA

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