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Joshua Crofutt

I was born, raised, and still reside in Pennsylvania. As far back as I can remember, my dad taught me the enjoyment of the outdoors and various types of shooting.

It wasn’t until 2017 that I discovered skeet. I immediately fell in love with the sport. I shot at every opportunity I could, practiced, and took lessons. The challenge of trying to break the perfect round kept me coming back, day after day. I quickly improved on the practice fields and couldn’t wait to try my hand at competitive skeet.
In 2018, I went to my first major shoot, the Kolar Mid-America. I loved everything about competitive shooting.  I was now officially hooked. I continued to practice and shot close to 6,500 registered targets that season.

All the hard work paid off, earning me All American-Rookie Team Captain honors and Pennsylvania Rookie of the Year honors. 

With the tireless support of my wife and road trip co-pilot Elisha, I now enjoy traveling and competing in as many shoots as I can each season. I have become an NSSA Instructor and help coach an SCTP youth skeet team at my home club.

Competitive Skeet has now become part of my life and I humbly thank all those in my skeet family that have helped and encouraged me along my journey.

  • Shotgun: Kolar Max Lite Skeet
  • 30″ Barrels, Adjustable Rib
  • Kolar AAA Tube Set
  • LP 4 Stock Configuration
  • Glasses: RE Ranger-Falcon Pro
  • Pouch: Al Ange
  • Ammo: Reloads, Remington STS, Winchester AA

Major Recent Accomplishments:

  • Triple-Sub All American 1st Team
  • Pennsylvania All State 1st Team
  • Pennsylvania State Championship HAA-CH, HOA-CH, 12ga-RU, 28ga-CH
  • Mini World 28ga-AAA1
  • Kasle 28ga-RU
  • Virginia Open .410-CH
  • Harry Mickelson DBL-RU, 20ga-RU, HOA-3rd
  • Zone 2 .410-3rd
  • Bull Run 12ga-3rd, .410-3rd


  • Triple Sub All American Honorable Mention
  • Pennsylvania All State 1st Team
  • Blaser Warm-Up 20ga-3rd
  • Bull Run 20ga-CH
  • Zone 2 20ga-RU
  • MD State shoot 28ga-3rd
  • Mason Dixon 28ga-RU


  • All American Rookie Team Captain
  • Pennsylvania Rookie of the Year
  • Pennsylvania All State 2nd Team
  • General Pletcher 20ga-3rd

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