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Nick Berry

Date of birth: 05/18/1979
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Instagram: @nicolasberry
Facebook: /nicolas.berry.35

Nick Berry was born and raised in Paris, France. He started hunting with his dad when he was 3 and shot his first birds at the age of 6. He has been hunting birds and bigger game his whole life on different continents. Nick mainly developed his competitive spirit when playing rugby at a national level from the age of 10 to 30. He has had multiple achievements in this sport, but bad and recurrent injuries forced him to move away from rugby.

After studying two master’s in architecture and civil engineering in France, Nick set up a design firm with offices in Europe and in Asia in 2005 and developed them into a very successful company with 80 architects and engineers within a two-year timeline. Hundreds of projects have now been designed and built by his company that he still partly owns. Moving back to France, he started shooting sporting clays in 2014 and studied all the aspects of this sport (physical, technical, and mental) to become one of the top shooters and instructors. After relocating to California in 2016, Nick worked as Director of Operations in North America for Laporte before taking care of the distribution of World class shooting brands under Little Trapper’s umbrella. Since June 2022, Nick and his wife Cat own and run Rock Creek Shooting Club near Boise Idaho.


  • Shotgun: Kolar Max Lite with 32” tapered ramp rib & round body receiver
  • Stock: Greenwood Custom Stock
  • Ammo: B&P F2 Mach 1oz. 1,250fps
  • Choke Tubes: Teague Precision Chokes
  • Glasses: Pilla Magneto M5
  • Ear Protection: SoundGear Phantom
  • Vest: Castellani
  • Traps: Laporte traps

Major Recent Accomplishments:

  • 2023 Team USA Fitasc member
  • 2023 All-American Open Team (Sporting & FITASC)
  • 2022 Nationals FITASC Champion
  • 2022 California State Champion
  • 2022 California State FITASC Champion
  • 2022 Nevada State Championship HOA
  • 2022 Browning Briley 3rd Overall
  • 2022 Western Regionals FITASC Grand Slam Runner-Up
  • 2022 Ducks Unlimited Runner-Up
  • 2021 Cactus Classic Runner-Up
  • 2021 Colorado State Championship HOA
  • 2021 Nevada State Championship Runner-Up
  • 2021 Oregon State Championship HOA
  • 2021 California State Championship Runner-Up
  • 2021 California State FITASC Champion
  • 2021 US Open M2
  • 2021 Northeast Regionals FITASC 3rd Overall
  • 2021 US Grand Prix FITASC 3rd Overall
  • 2021 Ducks Unlimited Champion
  • 2020 National  Championship 4th overall & International Champion
  • 2020 South Central Regionals Runner-Up
  • 2019 Ducks Unlimited Champion

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