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Sheaffer Stanfill

Date of Birth: March 25, 2004
Hometown: Clarksville, TN.
Parents: Jeff and Bridgett Stanfill
Family: Two Sisters (Bailey and Madison)
High School: NorthStar Academy
Grade: Junior (Class of 2022)
GPA: Unweighted: 3.831 Weighted: 3.908


  • Kolar Max Skeet with an Adjustable Rib – 32″ Barrels
  • Custom Stock
  • Glasses – Pilla
  • Ammo – Remington STS for all gun gauges
  • Pouch – Al Ange

Academic Goals:

  • Graduate High School with Honors in 2022
  • Attend and Graduate from Austin Peay State University (Clarksville, TN.) Major: Business (Accounting)
  • Staying in my hometown will better enable me to travel and continue with my shooting career.

Competition Skeet, Duck Hunting, ATV’s, and Cars

Home Club

TriStar Skeet Shooting Association (Montgomery County Shooting Complex located in Clarksville/Southside, TN.

Competitive Shooting Career Years
2014 – Present

  • Junior World Championships
  • 2015 Sub Junior 28 Gauge Champion
  • 2018 Sub Junior HOA Champion
  • 2019 Junior HOA Champion
    World Skeet Championship
  • 2020 Wayne Mayes Champ of Champs Runner Up
  • 2019 Skeet Season (1st 400×400)
  • Second youngest shooter to ever shoot a 400×400, behind LP Giambrone.
  • AAA Status
    One of the youngest shooters to turn AAA in all gun gauges.

Favorite Bible Verse
Psalm 27:1 NIV “The Lord is my light and my salvation¬† whom shall I fear? The Lord is the stronghold of my life -of whom shall I be afraid?”

Most Influential People in Shooting Career

  • My father and coach, Jeff Stanfill.
  • Jon Ramagli, Jeff Mainland, and Corey Howell
    They have always been extremely supportive in all aspects of my shooting career. Thank you is not enough.
  • Clay Baldwin and Houston Deshotels
    They have both been not only the best mentors in the game of skeet, but also like big brothers and best friends.
  • Charlie Koch, Brad Mercer, and Bill Burke
    These guys have been the best travel partners and mentors.

Additional Sponsors
(not including Kolar Arms and Elite Shotguns)

Howell Traps
Grandmama’s House
NorthStar Academy

Major Recent Accomplishments:


  • Krieghoff All American – Sub Junior 1st Team (Captain)
  • Zone 4 Open Team
  • Tennessee State Open Team
  • Dutch Dewitt Memorial Fish Fry
    20 Gauge Runner Up
  • Blaser Skeet Classic
    12 Gauge Champion
  • The DU Blue Rock Skeet Classic
    HOA Champion
  • 410 Bore Champion
    Doubles 3rd Place
  • The Western Open
    HOA Champion
  • 12 Gauge – Runner Up
    Junior World Skeet Championship
  • HOA Sub-Junior World Skeet Champion
    12 Gauge Sub-Junior Champion
    20 Gauge Sub-Junior Champion
    28 Gauge Sub-Junior Runner Up
    410 Bore Sub-Junior Champion
    Doubles Sub-Junior Champion
    Champ of Champs Champion
  • Tennessee State Skeet Championship
    HOA Champion
    20 Gauge 3rd Place
    28 Gauge Champion
    410 Bore Champion


  • Krieghoff All American Open Team Honorable Mention
  • Krieghoff All American Sub-Junior 1st Team (Captain)
  • Zone 4 Open Team
  • Tennessee State Open Team (Captain)
  • 400×400 Award and Pin
  • Blaser Skeet Championship
    410 Bore Runner Up
  • Briley Blue Goose
    20 Gauge Runner Up
  • Georgia State Skeet Shoot
    20 Gauge 3rd Place
    Doubles 3rd Place
  • The Western Open
    12 Gauge Runner Up
    28 Gauge 3rd Place
  • Junior World Skeet Championship
    HOA Junior Champion (HOA: 400×400 HAA: 499×500)
    20 Gauge Junior Champion
    28 Gauge Junior Champion
    410 Bore Junior Runner Up
  • Zone 4 Championship
    28 Gauge 3rd Place


  • Krieghoff All American Open Honorable Mention Team
  • Zone 4 Open Team
  • Blaser Skeet Classic
    20 Gauge 3rd Place
  • The Rebel Open
    Doubles Runner Up
  • The Elite Classic
    Doubles Runner Up
  • Arkansas Open
    20 Gauge 3rd Place
  • Toepperwein Skeet Championship
    HOA Champion
    20 Gauge Champion
    28 Gauge Champion
    410 Bore 3rd Place
  • Tri-Star Skeet Classic
    HAA Champion (496×500)
    Doubles 3rd Place
  • World Skeet Championship
    Wayne Mayes Champ of Champs Runner Up
  • Best of Texas
    Doubles Champion

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