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Grayson Stuart

I am from Riverton, Utah where I attend Oquirrh Hills Middle school and hold a 3.8 GPA. I fell in love with hunting and shooting at a very young age. When I was nine, I shot my first ATA target and currently have over 50,000 targets recorded. I have achieved the ATA Sub-Junior All-American Team the last four years with my sights set to make it again next year.

Over, the last 6 years I have been fortunate enough to compete all across the United States; this has given me the opportunity to build lasting friendships. I am especially thankful for my family, friends and coach’s support. The toughest part of this game is the 100% pure mental focus that is required. I strive to continue working hard and shoot for a collegiate team. I am currently a member of the Federal Ammunition Pro-Staff Team, Kolar Team, and Elite Shotguns. It is with dedication and these brands that continually help me reach my goals.

Accomplishments and strengths

  • 27-yard handicapped @ 12 years old
  • AA27AA classified @ 13 years old
  • 4-Time ATA-American Team member
  • 6-Time Utah State Team member
  • 2018 UTYESS High Junior

ATA All-Time Records

  • Youngest on record to shoot 200×200 singles championship
  • Youngest on record to shoot 100×100 handicap (21-yard line)
  • Youngest on records to shoot 100×100 handicap & 100 singles the same day

Lifetime Awards

  • 200+ATA State shoot trophies from Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Minnesota, and Montana
  • 80+ Grand American and Satelite Grand trophies
  • 70+ UTYESS State and Regional Trophies

Current Team Placements

  • Federal Ammunition Pro-Staff Team Member
  • Kolar Team Member
  • Elite Shotguns
  • All American Sub-junior ATA Team

“The Kolar LPT Combo has been a game-changer and I could not be happier”

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