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John Arnett

My name is John Arnett, I am a 16 year old upcoming Senior at Knoxville Catholic High School, and I live in Loudon, Tennessee. I grew up as an avid hockey player but also loved to hunt and fish and be in the outdoors. When I was 11 years old, I was playing golf with my dad and noticed the skeet fields on the side of the golf course and my dad thought I should try it since I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors. So for 3 years, I would only shoot skeet in the winter, until in Spring of 2019, some people from the winter skeet league brought me to the 3I shoot in Peoria, Illinois. That’s when I realized that skeet was my passion. I quit hockey and focused on skeet starting there. Currently, some of my hobbies are hunting of all kinds, fishing, going out on the lake with my friends, and obviously shooting skeet. When I do practice I practice at Oak Ridge Sportsmen’s Association in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. My love for the game of skeet pushes me to improve every day and I can’t wait to see what I can achieve in the future in this amazing game. 


  • Shotgun: Kolar Max Skeet
  • Tubes – Kolar tubes
  • Glasses: Pilla X6
  • Pouch: Lonesome Charlie
  • Ammo: Remington Gun Clubs, Remington Premier STS, or Winchester AA

Major Recent Accomplishments:

    2022 Triple J 12 gauge AA 3rd

    2022 Triple J Jr HOA 3rd

    2022 Triple J 12 gauge Junior Champ

    2022 Triple J 20 gauge Junior RU

    2021 Georgia State 20 gauge Champ

    2021 Texas State 12 gauge A2

    2021 Texas State Doubles Jr 3rd

    2021 Texas State 20 gauge Jr RU

    2021 Texas State 12 gauge Jr 3rd

    2021 Tri Star Classic 12 gauge Jr 5th

    2021 Tri Star Classic 20 gauge Jr RU

    2021 Tri Star Classic HOA Jr 5th

    2021 Tri Star Classic HAA Jr 5th

    2021 Pan American 12 gauge Jr 5th

    2021 Pan American 20 gauge Jr RU

    2021 Pan American .410 Jr 4th

    2021 Pan American HOA Jr 4th

    2021 Zone 4 Jr 4th HOA

    2021 Junior World 20 ga 6th

    2020 TN Jr HOA Champ

    2021 Triple J 12 Gauge JR RU

    2021 Triple J Doubles JR RU

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