Team Kolar Elite / Skeet

Merril Stanfield

Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, I picked up a shotgun for the first time at age 12 to try out for Trinity Christian Academy’s Clay Target Team. Soon learning I had a passion for skeet, I attended my first NSSA tournament in July of 2017. From then on, NSSA became my life and you could often find me on the skeet field. 

I am currently a freshmen at Texas Tech University studying Creative Media Industries, as well as a member of the Texas Tech Trap and Skeet club. When not on the skeet field, I can be found with friends or with a camera in my hand. 


  • Kolar Max Skeet SELECT receiver
  • Pilla Magnetos
  • Lonesome Charlie range bag
  • AAA Kolar Sun Gauge Tubes

Major Recent Accomplishments:


    • All American Ladies 2nd Team
    • Texas State Ladies Team


    • All American Ladies 1st team & Texas State Ladies Captain
    • Briley Louisiana: 20 and 28 Lady Champ ; HOA Lady RU
    • Cowtown Open: 20 Open and Jr RU, 20 Lady Champ; 
    • Kolar US Open: 12 Lady RU; HOA B1
    • Junior Worlds: 28 Gauge Champion, 20 Gauge RU, LY Doubles, 12, 20, 28 Champ, HOA LY RU
    • Southwest Classic: 12 A1; 20 AA1, 20 Jr and Lady Ch; 28 A1, Jr, Lady Ch; HOA A1, Jr Ch
    • Worlds: 28 Lady RU


    • Copper state open: 20 Open 3rd; HOA Lady Champ; HOA Jr. RU
    • Blaser Skeet Open: 20 gauge A1
    • Sooner Open: 12 Lady Champ; 20 Jr and Lady Champ; .410 Open 3rd, .410 Jr and Lady Champ; HOA Jr.  and Lady champ. 
    • Junior Worlds: HOA, 12, 20 Lady RU; 20 Lady 3rd
    • Northbrook Classic: Doubles B1 Lady and Jr RU
    • iZone VI: .410 Lady Champ
    • Mini Worlds: 20 Lady 3rd
    • Worlds: .410 Lady RU
    • Cowtown Memorial: 12, 20 Lady RU; 28 Open RU, Jr and Lady Champ; HOA Lady Champ
    • Texas State: 20 Lady RU

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