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Owen Knight

Owen Knight resides near Macy, Indiana on his family’s grain and livestock farm. Owen is currently a sophomore at North Miami High School in Denver Indiana where he is an active member of their FFA chapter and a member of the Richland Risktakers 4-H Club.

When not shooting Owen enjoys hunting deer and turkey and is an avid trapper of furbearers. Owen is also a fan and collector of antique tractors, his favorite being Minneapolis Moline.

Owen is thankful for all those who have helped and supported him in his shooting journey!


  • Kolar Max Skeet Adjustable 30″
  • Kolar AAA Sub Gage Tubes
  • Kolar Custom Stock
  • Pilla Outlaw X6 glasses
  • Lonesome Charlie pouch
  • Winchester AA ammunition

Major Recent Accomplishments:


  • Chet Crites Memorial 28ga CH
  • Great Twenty Eight 2x 28ga CH HOA CH
  • Manty Muskrat .410 CH HOA RU
  • Pacific Sporting Arms Motor State 12ga RU HOA 3rd
  • Junior World Skeet Championship 28ga 3rd Dbl 3rd
  • ISSA State Shoot 28ga CH
  • Tippe Targets 20ga CH Dbl CH HOA RU
  • Kasle Family Charity 20ga RU
  • NSSA Mini World 28ga Jr CH .410 Jr CH Dbl Jr RU HOA Jr CH
  • NSSA All American Junior First Team
  • ISSA First Team Open


  • Lou Raden Memorial 12ga CH HOA CH
  • 75th Annual 3I Dbl CH 28ga CH HOA CH HAA CH
  • Bandito 28ga CH
  • Junior World Skeet Championships .410 CH HOA RU
  • ISSA State Shoot Dbl CH 28ga CH .410 CH HOA CH HAA CH
  • Tippe Targets 28ga CH .410 CH HOA CH
  • Northbrook 32nd Anniversary 20ga CH HOA CH
  • NSSA All American Sub Junior First Team
  • ISSA First Team Open


  • Great Western 28ga 3rd
  • Kosko 2×100 20ga CH HOA CH
    Kosko 2×100 28ga CH HOA CH
  • Junior World Skeet Championships 28ga 3rd
  • Tippe Targets 28ga CH
  • ISSA State Shoot 20ga CH HOA RU
  • NSSA All American Sub Junior 2nd Team
  • ISSA 2nd Team Open
  • NRA All Scholastic Team

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